Submission Guidelines

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  1. All submissions should be made in English and only through the online submission platform.
  2. The presenting author should complete registration and payment for inclusion of the abstract in the Program.
  3. Each registered author is allowed to present a maximum of 2 abstracts, including poster and invited talks.
  4. The abstract must contain at least 150 words and cannot contain more than 500 words (blank spaces, punctuation as well as authors’ affiliation and titles included).
  5. Please ensure that your abstract does not contain spelling, grammatical or scientific errors. The abstract will be reproduced exactly as submitted. Please ensure that the abstract is complete. No proofreading will be done.
  6. Modification of submitted abstracts will be permitted only if the author informs conference secretary through email prior 30 days of the conference.
  7. Abstracts should meet international ethical standards.
  8. Abbreviations should be defined.
  9. All graphics and supporting visuals need to be commented and with an explanatory title.
  10. The submitting author accepts to declare all of the authors’ conflicts of interest for the last 5 years. An abstract or summary report cannot be accepted if the conflict-of-interest disclosure has not been ticked on the submission form. If the project or one of the co-authors has a conflict of interest, this must be clearly stated within the submission form and then, later, upon acceptance of the abstract, disclosed within the presentation.
  11. Each author needs to have authorized the submitter to submit the abstract, and then, later, upon acceptance of the abstract, approved to have it presented at the Congress.
  12. Please ensure to mention all sources of information and references.
  13. Once you have successfully submitted your abstract, you will receive a confirmation email with an abstract ID number, to use in any communication you might have with the organizers.
  14. All abstracts should be finalized and submitted by abstract submission deadline.
  15. As a result of the abstract review, all submitters will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection of their abstract, within 15 days of having submitted it.
  16. Abstracts failing to meet minimum standards or are not relevant to this conference will be declined. Authors may submit multiple abstracts, but usually an individual will not be offered more than one oral presentation.