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Oral Presentation

  • For your oral presentation you may bring a PowerPoint file on USB flash drive (memory stick). The organizers will copy these files onto the general laptop for beamer projection.
  • All oral presenters are required to submit an electronic version of their presentation (PPT) 30min prior to the beginning of the session at the allotted meeting room.
  • All presentations will be scanned for viruses and subsequently loaded on the main projector computer. Any changes to a file prior to its presentation must be made.
  • Use of your own laptop is not recommended.
  • All oral presentations will be recorded and made available after the conference. If someone don`t wish to reveal publicly, please inform before to the conference manager.

Poster Presentation

Please PRINT THE POSTER including the names of the authors and the title to bring at the conference.

  • The regular poster size is 70cm (wide) x 90cm (high)
  • The title and authors must appear at the top of the poster
  • Avoid hand-drawn materials
  • Do not post the pages of your paper
  • Make sure it has a logical flow
  • Use color, graphics, charts, and photos
  • Key points should be in bold or in a larger font size
  • Do not try to narrate the entire subject on the panel

Materials to hang your posters will be available at the poster area. You will receive your poster number and poster presentation time in the conference program.

Your presence will be highly recommended during lunches and coffee breaks for discussion with those who are interested in your research.

Speaker’s Presentation Timings:

Every speaker’s presentation time is below:

  • Plenary Speakers: 45 min (40min for the presentation + 5min Q & A)
  • Keynote Speakers: 30 min (25min for the presentation + 5min Q & A)
  • Invited Speakers: 25 min (20min for the presentation + 5min Q & A)
  • Oral Presentation: 20 min (15min for the presentation + 5min Q & A)